This red Navajo saddle blanket is woven in diagonal twill techniquewith patterns.  The yarns are both single ply homespun and commercial Germantown yarns. Most of the red is single ply. Many of the other colors are Germantown yarns.  It is part of the company's Navajo textile collection.  These were woven from the 1870s to the 1890s as expert pieces by superlative weavers. This one is 29" x 49".  It has triple selvage cords and triple end cords for greater durability (perimeter protection) than the usual 2-cord selvage and 2-cord ends.  Lane Coulter in his book NAVAJO SADDLE BLANKETS writes that these tour-de-force diagonal twills with patterns were woven to celebrate the Navajo equestrian culture.  They were used by the Navajos on their horses at social functions including ceremonial events.  They are a rare genre of Navajo ethnological textile.
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